Red C-Jay 718E Spartacus 20G
DOB: Apr 19/2019                 Reg #: 2085896                 Tattoo: DMAA 20G
BW: 85lbs      WW: 770lbs      Adj WW: 774lbs      YW: 1015lbs      Adj YW: 1011lbs      Sc: 37.5      Current Weight: 1725lbs 

This guy is a stout, very well muscled package. His dam gives us strong, easy growing calves that wean heavy. She is a  Mulberry granddaughter. They are big calves that grow well after they are off mom’s milk. The Spartacus bloodline has been great for putting pounds on calves without a big frame. 

                  Red Bieber Spartacus 193A
Sire: Red Bieber ACC Spartacus 718E
                  Red ACC Lakota 107C
                     Red Bar-E-L LPH Bestbuy 114B
Dam: Red C-Jay 114B Strawberry 9D
                     Red C-Jay 26P Allie Berry 10A
Age of Dam: 3 Years
CE  BW  WW  YW  Milk
+5.0  +0.1  +36  +54  +25
C-Jay 718E Spartacus 20G
Red Bieber ACC Spartacus 718E
20G's Sire
Red Bar-E-L LPH Bestbuy 114B 
20G's Grand Sire
Red C-Jay 114B Strawberry 9D 
20G's Dam
Red C-Jay 26P Allie Berry 10A
20G's Grand Dam
Red C-Jay 718E Spartacus 11H
20G's Full Brother
C-Jay 2D Blackberry 19F 
20G's Maternal Half Brother