C-Jay 18U Hoover Dam 4G
BW: 89lbs         WW: 870lbs         Adj WW: 700lbs        YW: 1140lbs         Adj YW: 994lbs        Sc: 40cm
DOB: March 03/2019                 Reg #: 2080069                 Tattoo: DMAA 4G

4G is another good calf out of our home bred, 1Z daughter. His Dam, 3C, is a great milker and always weans out her calves in our top 3%. 4G’s Sire, Hoover Dam, has shown over and over again, great growth without big frames. This guy has a smooth front end with lots of muscling and excellent conversion.

                Sydgen C C & 7

Sire: Hoover Dam

                Erica of Ellston 124C

               Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z

Dam: C-Jay 1Z Classy Lady 3C 

               C-Jay Aurora 3U 

CE   BW    WW    YW    Milk
+4.0   +0.6    +42    +73    +24
Age Of Dam: 4 Years
C-Jay 18U Hoover Dam 4G
C-Jay 1Z Classy Lady 3C - 4G's Dam
Red C-Jay 114B Magic Mike 8E
4G's Maternal Half Brother 
Hoover Dam - 4G's Sire
C-Jay 134B Class Act 10F 
4G's Maternal Half Brother
Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z
4G's Grand Sire
C-Jay 718E Classy Lady 12H
4G's Maternal Half Sister