C-Jay 20B Ribstone 6G
DOB: Mar 12/2019                 Reg #: C03058763                 Tattoo: AMMH 6G
BW: 102lbs     WW: 830lbs     Adj WW: 712lbs     YW: 1025lbs     Adj YW: 908lbs     Sc: 39.5cm     Current Weight: 1705lbs

6G is a solid, well muscled, very correct bull. The cross between 17A and 20B has produced a great bull with lots of growth and easy keeping. His half sister 7G has looked great from day one and always kept good condition without special treatment. The conversion from Ribstone 40W has been amazing and one of the breed leaders. 

                LBH 40W Ribstone 24Y
Sire: BP 24Y Ribstone 20B
                BP 39T Ribstone Lady 115W
               Byr-der 15S Gold STD 14X
Dam: Sunnybrae Lass 17A
               Sunnybrae Lass 9S
CW   BW   WW   YW   Milk
+2.6 +5.9 +49.7 +81.2+25
Age of Dam: 6 Years
R/E   L/E    Sc
25%  65%  100%
C-Jay 20B Ribstone 6G
BP 24Y Ribstone 20B - 6G's Sire
C-Jay 18X Xplosive 11D 
Maternal Half Brother
Sunnybrae Lass 17A - 6G's Dam
C-Jay 22D Lass 18F 
Maternal Half Sister 
C-Jay 20B Golden Dove 7G 
6G's Half Sister
C-Jay 9121W Lunar Lass 7H 
Maternal Half Sister