Ranch News

Nov 29/23
Wow, what a year!
It was a dry spring, summer, and fall, still no snow and warm temps, which allowed us to get well into November before feeding started.
This fall we had a difficult decision to make: cull half our cow herd or ring all our bull calves because of the lack of hay. We have almost 30 years of breeding into our little cow herd so we ringed bull calves,  because of that the spring of 2025 we will have no bulls for sale. We will have Four 2 year olds for sale at the Williams Lake Bull Sale, April 18th & 19th 2024.
It has been a hard year on all the ranchers and farmers of western Canada and as every farmer/rancher will say; "next year will be better".
Look for information of our bull line up in the new year!
We had a good summer despite of the weather. Owen is now into the showing of his 4-H heifer and we went to the Cariboo Classic, the Lakes District Fall Fair and the pen show at the BC Angus AGM. It is exciting to have the next generation enthusiastic about show as we were.   
Apr 29/23
Another bull sale come and gone and we would like to thank the sale committee and BC Livestock for putting together another great sale, to consigners for another awesome group of bulls, and to our buyers for your support in our breeding program. We finished calving today and our new Black herd sire 77J has done a great job , now we watch them grow which is one of our favorite parts of raising purebreds!
March 25/23
Calving has started here at C-Jay!
First calf was from our new herd sire Crosby Altitude 77J, nice 72lbs heifer calf from C-Jay 18U Hoover's Pride 6B

3 weeks away from the Williams Lake Bull Sale and our boys are looking good! All the info is up and videos will be up shortly once the semen test is done on the boys here next week. 
Please visit our Animals For Sale link or click on the 2 links to find more info. on our sale bulls. 

Jan 1/23
Happy New Year From C-Jay!
Hope the New Year is full of prosperity and good memoires!
Winter is in full swing here in the valley and we are 4 months away from calving and excited to see the group of calves from new herd sire
 Crosby Altitude 77J.

Entries all sent off to the Williams Lake Bull Sale in April and we are consigning 5 Angus  2 Year Old Bulls this year and all sired from Red Bieber ACC Spartacus 718E. Info. on these bulls will be up shortly on our webpage and that info. can be found under Animals For Sale link. If you would like a hard copy sent to you on these bulls info. please shoot us a email, text, or call and we will get that out to you!
Owen at the BC Angus AGM with 
C-Jay 134B Aurora 16K & C-Jay 134B Owen's Pride 3K
Girls still look good on dry pasture!