Black Cows
C-Jay Aurora 3U
Now this is a cow! Every year we are more and more amazed with her and her calves. We love the growth that 3U gives to her calves. They come in the fall with good weights and maintain those weights during the winter months. She is a heavy influence in our herd and we have no plans with parting with any of her daughters. 
                Duralta 111A Chance 11H
Sire: C-Jay11H What-A-Chance 5R
             Jessi-D Lady Ann 2J
               Remitall Logan 11L
Dam: M&M Aurora Allie 2N
              Remitall Classy Lady 356L
M&M Aurora Allie 2N    Dam of 3U
C-Jay 11H What-A-Chance 5R
Sire of 3U
                        Current EPD's
              BW   WW    YW    MILK    CE
             +4.0   +25    +39    +16    -6.0 

3U Kid's
C-Jay 15W Bando's Lady 11Y
What a sweetheart! Very friendly little cow and we like how Bando 15W has put such fine feminet features into all his female, including this one. She still holds that Lady Ann bloodline with long hips, deep bodied, and good muscling that we have come to love.  
                    N.B.A. Colmeg Bando 57T
Sire: N.B.A. Prim Bando 15W
                   N.B.A. Isla Bank Primrose 39T
                     Red C-Jay 73K Friar Tuck 10S
Dam: C-Jay 10S Lady Lucky 7W
                  Jessi-D Lady Ann 2J
           C-Jay 15W Bando's Lady 11Y - Spring 2016
                                         Current EPD'S 
BW    WW    YW    MILK    CE
-0.4      +37       +60      +16       +4.3
11Y Calves
C-Jay 18U Hoover's Pride 6B
C-Jay 18U Hoover's Pride 6B
Mom fell in love with Hoover Dam and his calves, she just had to bred him to her top Black Angus cow, C-Jay 5R Pride 7U. And I must say it was a awesome mix! Hoover's Pride 6B is moderate framed cow with a excellent hip and is a easy keeper. Her calves are keeping that easy keeping that we selected her sire for.
                Sydgen CC & 7  
Sire: Hoover Dam 
                Erica of Ellston C124
               C-Jay 11H What-A-Chance 5R
Dam: C-Jay 5R Pride 7U
                Red Muddy River Pride 7E
                     Current EPD'S 
BW    WW    YW    MILK    CE
-3.4    +42    +72    +22    +6.7
6B's Kids
C-Jay 1Z Classy Lady 3C
Another great female from the Aurora line! Classy lady 3C has awesome feed conversion and growth from her sire Rough Rider 1Z. We just couldn't let this one go. Her has claves have weaned the top 3% in our herd, she has become a great part of our herd. 
             Red Bieber Rough Rider 10712
Sire: Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z
               Red C-Jay 73K Pride 11T
               C-Jay 11H What-A-Chance 5R
Dam: C-Jay Aurora 3U
               M&M Aurora Allie 2N 
                    Current EPD'S 
          BW    WW    YW    MILK    CE
         -0.8    +48    +72    +16    +6.1 
C-Jay Aurora 3U - Dam of 3C
             C-Jay 1Z Classy Lady 3C - Fall 2016 
Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z - Sire of 3C
3C's Kids
C-Jay 1Z Neonia 7C
Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z - Sire of 7C
 Another great female from 2N with the Rough Rider depth of body and spring a ribs. She weans her calves in the top 10% of our calf crop and is a easy keeper like all Rough Riders are.
                         Red Bieber Rough Rider 10712
Sire: Red C-Jay 712S Rough Rider 1Z
                    Red C-Jay 73K Pride 11T
                    Vallee Creek 1582 Legend 5K
Dam: Vallee Creek 5K Neonia 2N
                    Tafika Rainmaker Neonia 39F  
                      Current EPD'S 
           BW     WW    YW    MILK    CE
           +2.1    +59    +92    +16    +1.4
Vallee Creek 5K Neonia 2N - Dam of 7C
7C's Kids
C-Jay 5682 Bismarck's Pride 8D
8D has stood out since birth and was too good to part with. The great growth that you see in both Hoover dam and Bismarck 5682 with the awesome spring of ribs and conversion that comes from her grand dam  Pride 7U. 
             G A R Grid Maker
Sire: S A V Bismarck 5682
             S A V Abigale 0451
              Hoover Dam
Dam: C-Jay 18U Hoover's Pride 6B
              C-Jay 5R Pride 7U
Current EPD's 
BW   WW  YW   Milk   CE
-0.3   +44   +79   +19   +8.0
S A V Bismarck 5682  Sire of 8D
C-Jay 18U Hoover's Pride 6B - Dam of 8D
C-Jay 5682 Bismarck's Pride 8D
8D's Kids
C-Jay 2D Hoover's Baby 20F
This little girl was a June born bottle fed calf that has kept up with the rest of her herd mate, so we just had to keep her. 20F is now Seth's (Grandson) heifer and a great start to his herd. She has done great with her first calf with lots milk.
             Hoover Dam
Sire: C-Jay 18U Hoover Dam 2D
             C-Jay Aurora 3U
             Red Bar-E-L LPH Bestbuy 114B
Dam: C-Jay 114B Magic Baby 6D
             C-Jay 15W Bando's Baby 13Y
C-Jay 18U Hoover Dam 2D  Sire of 20F
C-Jay 114B Magic Baby 6D  Dam of 20F
20F's Kids