Hereford Cows

Sunnybrae Lass 17A

 17A has proven to be a great edition to our herd. She has done a good job with her calf this year with lots of milk and she kept her weight good too this summer.  

              Deanfield 18K Gold STD 15S
Sire: BRY-DER 15S Gold STD 14X
              BRY-DER 14X 12C Volt Lass 14M

              WB Sandhill Rock 43N
Dam: Sunnybrae Lass 9S
              Sunnybrae Brit Lass 4K 

Current EPD's
BW     WW     YW     MILK     CE
+5.4   +39.8   +61.3   +15.5   +1.2

17A's Calves
C-Jay 15M Miss Silver Moon 18B
C-Jay 15M Miss Silver Moon 18B
         Silver 26E Knight 23K
Sire: Silver Moon 23K 15M
         Britisher 8T Lady Bianca 8B
         AGA 121G Stanmore 20J
Dam: LBH 20J Miss Standard 118Y
         LBH 52N Miss Silver Pride 130U
Nice compact cow with good milk and conformation. Her sire comes from strong cow family with long lived cows with good udders and feet.   
Silver Moon 23K 15M - Sire of 18B
Current EPD's 
BW    WW      YW     MILK     CE
+3.7   +38.1   +66.2   +19.0   +3.0
18B's Kids
VCH Golden Jen 7D
She was a great gift for my daughter from a good friends of ours, Max and Haley Bell of Vallee Creek Herefords. She has done great on our herd with good growth calves. 
                  FE 216S Gold Rush 267W
Sire: FE 267W Gold Rush 40Z
                  FE 101J Super Rib 242R
                FE 23T Super Sunshine 136X
Dam: VCH Sunshine 1A
                VCH 53 Gen Cadette Star 26P
                                 Current EPD's
BW     WW      YW     MILK     CE
+4.6    +43.7    +76.9   +9.8   +4.2 
VCH Golden Jen 7D
7D's Kids
C-Jay 22D Lass 18F
C-Jay 22D Lass 18F
Sunnybrae Lass 17A - Dam to 18F
This heifer has standed out since birth and I could not let her go. Big thick bodied like her dam with the good conversion from her sire, she is going to stand out in mine little Hereford herd. 
             FE 267W Gold Rush 40Z
Sire: VCH Golden Ray 22D
             VCH Ruthie Ray 35Z
            Bry-Der 15S Gold STD 14X
Dam: Sunnybrae Lass 17A
            Sunnybrae Lass 9S
                     Current EPD's
BW     WW     YW     MILK     CE
+5.7   +44.3    +67.9   +13.3   -0.8
VCH Golden Ray 22D - Sire to 18F
18F's Kids
Copper-T 6D Forget-Me-Not 59F
Copper-T 6D Forget-Me-Not 59F
This solid heifer is a great start to Doug's herd. Purchased from Copper-T Ranch as a calf, she has done well on growth and keeping her weight on. Her first calf will be hitting the ground next April. 
            Churchill Red Bull 200Z
Sire: Tlell 200Z Drifter 6D
             PCL Sammi 425X 66A
              Tlell R117 Bennett ET 3B
Dam: Copper-T 3B 19A Dahlia 26D
              Copper-T 20W 19W Alyssum 19A
Current EPD's
BW    WW     YW      Milk     CE
+8.6  +70.3   +113.4   +33.5  -10.6
Tlell 200Z Drifter 6D - Sire to 59F
59F's Kids
C-Jay 20B Golden Dove 7G
She was a keeper from the start! Needing a heifer for the newest member of the family (Abigail), we figured 7G would be a great female to start her herd. Her sire has great growth and conversion, so we can't wait to see what she looks like as a yearling.
                LBH 40W Ribstone 24Y
Sire: BP 24Y Ribstone 20B
                BP 39T Ribstone Lady 115W
               Churchill Yankee ET
Dam: C-Jay 6160 Gold Dove 12D
               C-Jay 9R Little Gold Dove 4U
Current EPD's
BW    WW     YW      Milk     CE
+5.1   +54.3   +90.9   +26.6   +2.1
C-Jay 6160 Gold Dove 12D - Dam to 7G
C-Jay 20B Golden Dove 7G
BP 24Y Ribstone 20B - Sire to 7G